In an era where there are ever-increasing means for our Ummah to gain the knowledge of our Deen, it is important to note that knowledge without practise(عمل) is futile. Therefore, it is absolutely imperative that, along with acquiring knowledge, we work on ourselves spiritually to allow us to bring this knowledge into practise. The arabic term for working on our spirituality, our heart, is Tasawwuf.

Having seen a dearth of working on our spirituality within the Ummah, despite the importance placed on it by our salaf, from our beloved Prophet SAW and the Sahabah to the current time, through great luminaries like Imam Ghazali and our Ulama of Deoband such as Hadhrat Shaikh Zakariyya RA, our respected Hadhrat Maulana Fazlehaq Sahib, in line with the great emphasis placed on Tasawwuf by his Mashaikh Muhaddith ul-Asr Hadhrat Shaikh Maulana Yunus Sahib RA and Qutub-e-Bartaniyah Hadhrat Maulana Ismaeel Wadee Sahib RA, has opened a Khanqah (House of Spirituality) in Blackburn in order to allow the Ummah to better understand the essence of Tasawwuf and gain benefit from it.

Khanqah was opened in 2018, with the aim of connecting hearts to our Creator. It operates as a Khanqah, a Masjid and a Madrasah for students from the age of 4. For further details, admissions and anything else, please contact the Khanqah on 07863 077 907.