Allah Ta'ala has enabled our respected Shaikh, Hadhrat Maulana Fazlehaq Wadee Sahib, to be a means for significant benefit to the Ummah of our beloved Prophet ﷺ. Allah Ta'ala has enabled his efforts to be the cause of the establishment of many institutions through his students, as far away as Denmark, Germany, Panama, USA, Canada, Reunion, India, etc. as well as many local institutions run directly under his tutelage, which include:

Jamea Al Kauthar [1996], for girls. To date hundreds of young women have benefitted from the establishment.

Abrar Academy [2009], for boys and girls. Abrar Academy provides both Islamic and secular education to boys from the age of 11, as part of a balanced curriculum. The Madrasah has had over 50 students graduating as Huffadh since its inception. The Madrasah also runs evening Aalimah & Sanatayn classes for girls, from which numerous students have graduated.

Darul Uloom Preston [2016], for boys. Darul Uloom Preston caters specifically for post-16 students and boarders. It accommodates boys from around the world. To date, the Darul Uloom has had one group of graduates, all of whom have entered the Khidmat of Deen directly after graduation.

• Khanqah, Blackburn [2018]. Khanqah, which can be translated at 'House of Spirituality', was opened with the aim of connecting hearts to our Creator. It operates as a Khanqah, a Masjid and a Madrasah for students from the age of 4. For further details, admissions and anything else, please contact the Khanqah on 07863 077 907.

• Madani Masjid, Accrington.