About us

Darul Uloom is an independent boarding and day seminary of higher Islamic education located in Preston, Lancashire. Established in 2016, our aim is to provide an opportunity for all to study the sacred sciences, whilst striving to cultivate morality and spirituality, in order to inspire our students to graduate as able, confident citizens, role models and leaders for their communities.

In order to accomplish this aim, we have established a four-strand curriculum:

Islamic education

Students have the option of pursuing a number of Islamic courses, ranging in length from one-year Arabic and Urdu courses to the full six-year 'Alimiyyah program. Full details are outlined on our courses page.

Contemporary education, training and apprenticeships

It is our aim that the Islamic sciences are supplemented by contemporary, secular courses that would further enhance the ability of our students to benefit the people they will serve as Imams, teachers and leaders.


The development, training and nurturing of our students is absolutely paramount and significant emphasis is placed on this in Darul Uloom, in order that they become a living embodiment of the life of our beloved Prophet ﷺ, along with learning the capability of implementing what they learn in class to their local communities.


An oft-disregarded yet hugely important aspect. Life in Darul Uloom will enable students to learn from and work with one of the great luminaries of our time, Shaikh ul-Hadith Hazrat Maulana Fazlehaq Wadee Sahib, as well as other learned teachers. Great emphasis is placed on the purification of the heart through Salah with congregation, Nawafil, Adhkar, recitation of the Quran and refraining from sin.

We looking forward to welcoming those in search of the path of our beloved Prophet ﷺ and pious predecessors in acquiring sacred knowledge and inculcating it into their lives.